Dementia Challenge

Looking forward to answering your questions on designing for dementia!



University of Bath


MEng(hons) in Mechanical Engineering, PhD in Orthopaedic Biomechanics

Work History:

University of Bath, WS Atkins Ltd, Osteotec Ltd, Designability (Bath Institute of Medical Engineering)

Current Job:

User Interface Engineer



My work and the challenge

Simple technologies can help to improve the dignity and confidence of people with dementia and provide reassurance to their carers.

If I won the £10,000,000 I'd spend it on...

My Interview

Other stuff


I’m a User Interface Engineer working at Designability in Bath. I work closely with people who have dementia to develop simple technologies that can have a real impact on their lives, and the lives of their carers.

I have a background in Mechanical Engineering, but most of my work involves understanding people’s needs and working out how best to meet these with new products.

Designability is a national charity joining expertise and knowledge to enhance people’s lives. We are engineering and design experts with a passion for creating life-changing assistive technologies. We conduct original research and develop commercial products that meet real needs.

I’ll be answering your questions, along with other members of our diverse team here at Designability.

My challenge

If Dementia wins the vote, I would like to see some serious investment into simple, affordable technologies, not just complex home-care systems. Much of our work centres around creating large impacts on people’s lives by developing and commercialising small, standalone technologies to meet everyday needs. However, this small-product area is often overlooked in funding streams, even though there are still significant challenges in securing funding from commercial partners in the field of dementia technology.

Which challenge would you vote for if not your own

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